Creating a Craft Room in a Small Space

Creating a Craft Room in a Small Space

Ah, the joys of summertime! It’s so beautiful out that you want to take advantage of the beauty of nature and you fill your schedules to the max, making it hard to check off projects on your to-do list.

We’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t gotten as much done this summer around the house as I’d have liked. This month I’ve visited my sister in San Diego, had 12-14 people over for the first of many Star Wars nights in preparation for the new movie coming out in December, had five get togethers with friends to play games or have dinner (or both!), and went to my aunt’s beach cabin in Gig Harbor to visit with all the cousins… all on top of my normal weekly evening events like soccer and Ruhi. Luckily, we have no plans this coming weekend, and I hope to take advantage of it!

We have two large projects that we’re working on this summer:

  1. Creating a craft room in a small space (our second bedroom/study)
  2. Landscaping our tiny yard

Our yard has not been utilized efficiently and we’re going to create a space that we can actually use. Currently, we’ve had our large magnolia trimmed and my husband is working on fixing up the fence. After that, we’ll have a patio put in, BBQ area and planting boxes! I’ll post about the project in the next few months as we make more progress.

Today, I’m excited to share some updates about the craft room project! When I moved in over a year ago, this room had a large armchair and an over-sized office chair taking up a large piece of this tiny space (about 10′ x 9′). I quickly took these to Goodwill and used folding tables to create some space for crafting.

After a few months, this is what the space looked like:(null)

Plastic boxes, cardboard shelves, piles of old computer equipment… not really a conducive space to get creative and inspired!(null)Just look at all this stuff! Too many items and not enough space to store them. Our house only has two closets (one in this room and one in the bedroom) – no coat closet, no pantry, so storage space is limited. One of my big goals with redo-ing this space was to introduce more storage. I also wanted to get away from the plastic boxes that I’ve been using since college. (null)In addition, the beige-ish color on the wall darkened the room at certain times of day and I didn’t like the color that much. I decided that if this was going to be my “She Shed,” I needed it to have walls in a color that inspired me. A She Shed is term I just learned similar to a “Man Cave,” though since it’s in the house and not a shed, perhaps “She Den” is a better term.

My husband was on board with me turning this room into something better, so we went to Home Depot, picked out some colors and got to work! (By we, I mean that WE picked colors and tried them on the wall and then HE did the painting! Ha! Thank you, wonderful husband!)Husband painting the wallYou can see him working away here. The beige looks SO much darker than the color we went with. You can also see all the crazy colors we tried on the walls before making our choice to go simple. We went with a light, almost white, color that has hints of green. We also decided to add a line of darker color at the top of the wall by the ceiling, and chose a light green/teal color. new paint!It looks so much brighter than it did before! I really like the line at the top that adds a bit of color. Since this is a craft room, I like the idea of having a plainer base so that I can put a variety of art on the wall without making it look too crazy.New Bookshelf AreaHere’s what I’ve done so far. I put the bookshelf back where it was and reorganized the books and bought a second set of shelves to hold my crafting supplies. The artwork above the shelf will move at some point, but we have nowhere to put it currently, so we put it back up to keep it out of the way.

The rest of the room is still a mess – we have to go through boxes of old electronics and donate what we don’t need/store the rest in the garage. In October, I’ll be building a crafting desk with my dad that has even more shelf storage. I’ll post another update once I’ve gotten this room completely finished!

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