So… It’s Been Awhile

So… It’s Been Awhile

It’s been a month and a half without a post. Sorry, everyone! I’ve been caught up with work and life; but now things have calmed down again and I’m happy to get back into the blog and update you on the projects that my husband and I have been working on.

We’re putting in a patio and landscaping our yard!
Yard Project

Earlier this year, my husband approached me about the idea of landscaping the yard and putting a patio in so we can use it rather than just walk through it… think barbecues and dinner parties outside; board game nights with heat from a fire pit; working on a craft on a nice bench on a sunny, weekend afternoon!

We’ve been working with a landscape architect to create the plans, but my husband took on some of the starting work to save money. We want a natural gas fire pit on the patio, so we had to get a gas line put in… which needs to be 18 inches below ground. Hubby dug all the trenches (with help from a friend or two) and then we hired someone to install the gas line. I’ll post an update once the yard is complete!

Look at my awesome surprise!
Flowers that open and close with changing temperature

My sister showed my husband a Kickstarter that her friend was doing. Instead of telling me about it, my husband backed the project as a surprise for me. I love surprises – no matter whether the surprise is an experience, a gift, or a hidden note. These metal flowers that open and close with temperature changes, even though hubby backed it before the yard project started, are a perfect addition to our yard once it’s finished!

More crocheted stuffed animals!
A Zoo for You

One of our friends is expecting a baby within in the next month. Awhile back, she saw the baby dragon post and let me know how cute she thought it was. I knew that I had to make her some kind of stuffed animal when it came time for her baby shower! So, when I was given a crochet manual called “A Zoo for You,” I knew I’d have to make a few of the mini zoo animals. I think they came out super cute!

I discovered that I am a yarn hoarder.All That Yarn

Speaking of crochet projects… I went through and organized my yarn recently. And, boy, do I have a lot of yarn! I think I need to go on a yarn-buying freeze until I use some of it… I cannot fit any more yarn into this ottoman! You can see two blankets that I started over a year ago, but never finished. I suppose I should finish those; what else should I do with the yarn I have?

I doodled little notes!

Note Card DoodlePost It Note Doodle

I love doodling. It relaxes me so much! So, sometimes I take a five minute break at my desk and doodle something that inspires me. Here are two of my recent doodles. Many of my doodles are inspired from Pinterest so I can work on new lettering techniques.

I finished a paint-by-numbers. 🙂

 Paint by Numbers in Progress Paint by Numbers Complete

It took me well over six months to complete this painting.  I only spent an hour every few days working on the painting. There were some moments that it felt like I’d never finish… but I finally did! It’ll be awhile (if ever) before I undertake another paint-by-numbers, but this one is hanging proudly in my craft room.

It was a wonderful summer!
Summer in the Pacific Northwest

We had a busy summer, but it was a wonderful one! Now, we’re creeping up on my favorite time of year, and I’m excited to get into more fall/winter activities like holidays and family gatherings, scarves, reading a book by the fire, and sipping on hot chocolate. What gets you excited about fall?

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