Decorating the Craft Room

Decorating the Craft Room

Ever since my husband painted the craft room, I’ve really wanted to create some artwork to display on the walls. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I mostly do crochet and handmade cards… so I decided to branch out and try my hand at DIY Wall Art!

I picked up a few pieces of canvas and a wall art decal from the craft store and I threw myself into a new type of crafting.Chevron Geometric Paintings | Reflection of HappinessI started by painting the canvas the exact same color as the wall. After letting it dry, I taped it up in a geometric, chevron pattern and used the wall samples that we didn’t choose for the wall as the colors in the pattern – I didn’t want the paint to go to waste. Here’s what it looked like once I hung it on the wall above the wall art that says “Life is about creating yourself.”Acrylic Painting and Wall Decal | Reflections of Happiness A few days later, I decided I wanted to use one of the larger canvas pieces and create an inspirational piece. I used acrylic paint to make a rainbow of color, fading and changing from one color to the next. I then found a clip art tree I liked and tried to free-hand it in black paint on top of the rainbow. The quote is from a Baha’i prayer and says “enable me to grow.”Inspiration Acrylic Painting | Reflections of Happiness I also framed my paint by numbers painting, which I spent  months working on. It definitely deserves a place on this wall!
Finished Paint by Numbers | Reflections of HappinessI then painted another large canvas, but chose to do it entirely with yellow – a very happy color!
Acrylic Painting | Reflections of HappinessI ended up just putting big grey and navy dots on it and deciding that it looked good. Very simple and fun. Though it somewhat reminds me of a close-up of a giraffe.Acrylic Painting | Reflections of Happiness

Lastly, I strung some twine on the wall with clothespins so I could hang some of my smaller artwork like my handmade cards and doodle art.

What do you think? What kind of art would you love to hang in your home?

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