5 Days of Crafting: Crocheted Minion

5 Days of Crafting: Crocheted Minion

Welcome to my 5 Days of Crafting mini-series! I recently accepted a new job and officially start in January; and I have a nice break over the holidays to relax. I’m spending my time doing a workout called Insanity, organizing the house, building a craft table with my dad, and spending much of my time crafting!

I figured I’d share some of the projects I’ve been working on – I’ll share one project a day until Christmas! Today’s 5 Days of Crafting post is about a crocheted minion.

I found a free pattern on Ravelry. If you’d like to try this pattern yourself, click here.

My first attempt at the minion body ended up with the minon about half the length it needed to be, so I have an extra yellow stuffed oval in my craft room now. I might try to turn that into a pineapple next week! Anyways, the minion pattern is kind of like a Mr. Potato Head since you can switch out many of the pieces.

This is the body and arms. Technically the arts are supposed to be attached by velcro, but I sewed them onto the body.Crocheted Minons | Reflections of HappinessHere’s how the minion looks with its blue overalls!Crocheted Minons | Reflections of HappinessMr. Minion waves hello! His arms have pipe cleaners in them, which makes them rather bendy. They won’t stay up on their own though… thus why his hand is leaning against the lampshade.Crocheted Minons | Reflections of HappinessHere he is with only one eye. I made two headbands that can be switched out. I only made the one mouth, but many mouths could be made and attached by velcro.Crocheted Minons | Reflections of HappinessIsn’t the little crocheted minion just so cute?Crocheted Minons | Reflections of Happiness

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