Weekend Surprise Getaway: Hobbit Style

Weekend Surprise Getaway: Hobbit Style

In September, I set up a surprise getaway for my husband. All he knew was that he needed to take the Friday off of work because it would be a three-day adventure. On the Friday of the trip, I woke my husband up with a clue. The clue read:

“You have been chosen to participate in a special quest where you will encounter mystery, surprises, and maybe a dragon or two. There are many riddles you must solve, they lead you to our vacation. Think long and hard to solve the clues, or you’ll never find the location.

First we must get our strength up… with an easy one, I pray. What is the first meal of the day?”

Of course, he guessed the answer right away: Breakfast. The next clue brought us up to Alderwood Mall where I got coffee and he got Jamba Juice for our drive. See the clue in his hand? You can kind of tell in this picture that it’s on parchment paper and burnt around the edges. I made all of the clues in this style. 🙂Clue time!Another clue led us to Home Depot in Bothell, WA. While he had a lot of fun and spent 30 minutes browsing and talking to staff about a garage project he wants to do, he was most definitely confused as to why we were there! Home Depot is one of his favorite stores, so I figured it would put him in good mood and get us on the way towards our destination.

Home Depot

As I promised, we were going to see a dragon or two as part of this adventure! We ended up at The Reptile Zoo in Monroe, WA. There is a “dragon” in one of the enclosures, but there are also a lot of iguanas, snakes, turtles, and an alligator. Bilbo meets Smaug in The Hobbit, so we were definitely going to do something similar.


After the reptiles, the next clue led us across the parking lot to this BBQ bus for lunch.


The clues went on and led us towards the destination – a hobbit hole in Orondo, WA near Lake Chelan. Both of us are HUGE Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans, so when I found this Airbnb rental, I knew I had to take a weekend and surprise him. He figured out where we were going about 10 minutes before getting there, which was the plan. We listened to some Hobbit movie music to get us in the right mindset and arrived at the hobbit hole.Tiny House in the Shire, Orondo, WAThere was a bit of a hike from the parking area to the hobbit hole, but we got everything up there. I had to bring a lot of stuff for a two night stay since this rental has no kitchen. I pre-cooked everything, brought cooking supplies and a camp stove to heat it up, and a cooler to keep the food fresh. It was definitely worth it though, I felt like I was in Hobbiton!Tiny House in the Shire, Orondo, WAMy husband brought his new video quadcopter on the trip because I told him he’d want to, and he spent some time flying it around and taking video of the valley. See? He’s totally in his happy place. 🙂Tiny House in the Shire, Orondo, WAHere is the view from the hobbit hole – quite magnificent! As you can tell, no one lives around the hobbit hole so it’s very much out of the way and secluded. It’s also off-the-grid with solar electricity and a propane tank water heater. There is a jug of water hung on the wall that they refill for drinking water.Tiny House in the Shire, Orondo, WAAnd another view from within the house.
Tiny House in the Shire, Orondo, WAWe stayed at the hobbit hole for two nights and I created an entire hobbit meal plan. You know… with breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper. We ate all day and spent time watching The Hobbit Trilogy on my laptop. We then went into Chelan for afternoon tea, and played some games and continued watching the movies.
Tiny House in the Shire, Orondo, WAHobbits love games and so do we. I brought a selection of games and we played a couple of them throughout the day as well as using the chess set that was provided.
Hobbits love games!The hobbit adventure was definitely a success and a surprise for my husband. I can’t believe I pulled it off without spilling the beans! I never can keep anything from him!Tiny House in the Shire, Orondo, WAIn the next few posts, I’ll show you how I created the awesome clue sheets with burnt edges and the hobbit meal plan that I created for our getaway. Please subscribe (on the right side of the page towards the top) if you’d like to see more posts like this!

What do you think of this Airbnb rental? Would you like to live like a hobbit for a weekend?

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